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Welcome to HapiHeals
Keep Deals Weird. Triple Win, Un-margin Your Success - Starting Now.

People, unions, organizations, frontliners - you're the heroes we support with solidariy, facing struggles, and now smiles for all!

In the most litigious nation in the world, we change how serious agreements (and barriers to disabled STEM careers) that impact your family are handled. We make tough contracts during strikes safer and offer help to the community. Organizations, join HapiHeals by giving free or reduced-price coupons and gift certificates. Frontliners, it's your chance to relax and recharge. Tap the 'Donate' button and make a positive impact in areas where livelihood negotiations are scarce due to strikes, picket lines or high-conflict litigations.

One App to Support Many Families, Friends and Frontliners in Crisis

Welcome to the transformative world of HapiHeals, where healing and empowerment unite to make a difference in the lives of families and heroes facing tough times on their respective front lines. Our upcoming app, "HapiHeals," is a wrap-around beacon for Strike Law and Family Law reliefs, offering comfort and support to those navigating adversities in America, world's most litigious landscapes.

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"Safety is not a bargain
in risky political stand-offs"


Conflict Immunology

Support our mission of ending trauma and relieving adversity to livlihoods by making a gift certificate donation or service, applying to receive services, or donating to childhood and families. Every contribution helps end trauma during center lines of scrimmages and creates a brighter future for those in crisis.

Young Athletes

Join Our Donor Community

Become a part of our caring community by offering your free or discounted products and services to those seeking healing and comfort.


Strike Law Support

Explore our client-side platform, "Strike Law Spas," offering a wide range of stress-relieving therapies and transformative experiences for the healing you deserve.


Trauma-proof Deal Sponsor

Help us make a difference by contributing towards providing relief and support to families facing tough times. Your generosity can be a beacon of hope for those in need.

"Safety 1st" With HapiHeals 

Do you need HapiHeals? Step into the world of contrasting life deals and experience the transformative power of HapiHeals. Discover the impact on families facing tough times during the current Actors and Writers Union strike across America, and witness the hope and healing brought about by our orgainzed stress-releasing therapies and compassionate support. Take part in our simulation and survey to co-narrate this difference of two distinct realities, and together, let's make a positive impact on humanity, society and economics. Join HapiHeals and be a part of the journey from trauma to triumph. #Empowerment #HealingHearts #FrontlineDisctint

Our Clients Say

Woman in Suit
"Being on strike's hard, but HapiHeals is easy. It's why I love volunteer organizing with them. It helps us all!"

Janet Rose, Product Designer

"Healing Hearts"

By Aaron W. Wemple

Dive into the inspiring stories and research behind HapiHeals in the book "Healing Hearts." Available on Amazon.

Guaranteed Validation

We ensure that all offers on our platform are genuine and valid. Donors and clients alike can trust the HapiHeals guarantee, creating a seamless experience for everyone involved.

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Join us in fostering a lasting change. Your kindness will breathe life into the full version of HapiHeals, aiding struggling families in Contract Deprivation Zones, and ensuring access to its therapeutic advantages for all.

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Unlock the Secrets Behind HapiHeals' Impactful Trade and Discover How It's Changing Lives.

Enjoy a Little Comedy Therapy in the Book, "Lights, Camera, Jokes! 101 Laughs for Writers, Actors, Families and Friends on the Front Lines

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Keep deals weird.
Two sided, freedom beyond the norm.

The Roadmap

In a world filled with adversities and challenges, we present HapiHeals - a revolutionary app, book and volunteer project designed to empower families and heroes in their journey of healing and transformation. Our mission is to #EndTrauma and make a positive co-narrative in the lives of those facing tough times, with 100% of all production costs dedicated to supporting families on strike or in family law litigations in need, as well as funding crucial research. America, known for its litigious nature, requires a sanctuary for social justice relief and relaxation - enter HapiHeals, the strike law spa for the heart and soul.

Eyeing an End to Trauma in Conflict Zones

Launch: July 21, 2023

Develop Project Team: For HapiHeals operations

Because there's no real-time solutions in pre-, mid-, post- or decade-deal livlihood problems, nor barriers with many disabilities, 40% of all proceeds go to family relief during strikes, high conflict family law litigations, disability in in STEM careers, and towards research to end trauma and create Childproof Data Analytics (CDAs) in Contract Deprivation Zones (CDZs).

New Jobs

HapiHeals Tech and Innovation

Software developers believe in fostering a compassionate world of overlapping empathy, where children and families caught in the midst of adversities can find solace and hope. HapiHeals is a great place to work and get in on the start of an ultra-safe and secure product. 

Join Our Team:

Organizers who give

stay relevant

Become a part of our caring community by organizing free or discounted products and services to those seeking healing and comfort. This might include comfort pet therapy, art, entertainment, spa, or beatification therapy for those on the front lines. 

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