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Custom Book Sample exclusively yours: Click the link below, we'll get started creating a sneak peek of the book you want to write, or family business you want to start for free! By selecting the link below, users hereby indicate their agreement to the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Breaking Boundaries in Family Care: Analogous Plans + Free Resources

  • Essential Dealproof

    Every month
    Want to write a book? Empower Your Story With a Revolutionary Author-to-Book Plan
     7 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to our AI-powered book writing platform
    • Personalized book deal with professional support
    • Missing stories pivot into the "My New Deal" experiences
    • Can improve and strengthen family relationships remotely
    • Say goodbye to traditional book contracts
    • Linkability made easy for authors with separated families
    • Perfect solution for kids in overwhelming & divisive worlds
    • Voice-to-book open AI book writing, support, and publishing
    • Free examples to emulate and learn from
    • White-label/ghostwritten book delivered in just three months
    • AI-assisted title discovery
    • Author-level control over every aspect of the final product
    • Comlpete table of contents, chapters, front & back matter
    • AI-assisted filler words to improve readability
    • Basic front, spine, and back cover design with custom words
    • Peer-to-peer recognition throughout the entire process
    • Improves ultra-safety adaptive data metrics
    • Advanced options to multi-publish your final ebook
    • Optional NFT value to multiply data and promote inclusivity
    • Impossible Book Deals flourish, are safe, and contactless
    • In-house arbitration commission available for ideas/issues
  • Special

    Pro @Home Startup

    Every month
    Want to start a business? Get a Micro Enterprise Startup With Just One Click!
     7 day free trial
    • Complete support, start & run your online business from home
    • Have our AI write books for you
    • Inludes startup publishing company and business plan
    • AI-assisted author-to-book/ebook editting & SEO for selling
    • Assistance in setting up your own vendor distibution account
    • Professional editing and uploading help for YouTube trailers
    • And much more!
  • Ultimate Childproof

    Every year
    Empowering Your Family with Our Cutting-Edge Child Safety Solutions
    • Pre-employment training: Future providers program
    • Licensed private practice: Organic family care
    • Exclusive constructive safety filing: Safeguarding families
    • Family Law 2.0: Protecting family sustainabilities
    • Annual maintenance: Give-back case tracking & support
    • Case prevention: Preparedness for adversity and deprivations
    • IP trade: Licenseable data metrics access
    • Prevention database: Organic family ultra-safety
    • Trauma bite prevention: Shielding and undepriving children
    • At-home care: Sustainable support
    • Premium authorship providers: Top-quality services
    • Only a limited number uplifting families and communities!

Step up to Major League Family! Strengthening families is our game, tackling challenges with tailored plans. Let's make family life a home run – join now!

Safeguard those dreams!

🚀 With 🚀

Get ready to hit a home run outside the ballpark for your family's security! Just like in sports, teamwork and strategy are key to success. At, we're all about securing your family's foundations and scoring big on well-being. And guess what? We've got a winning play for you!

🌟 Our All-Star Lineup 🌟

🔒 Plan 1: Essential Dealproof – Your safety filing MVP in the toughest stadium or most adverse fans.

🔒 Plan 2: Pro @Home Startup – Coaching and new gear for your entrepreneurial game.

🔒 Plan 3: Ultimate Childproof – Championing your family's well-being at home or in away leagues.

But that's not all. We believe everyone should have a shot at a secure future. That's why we're thrilled to offer FREE family resources, ensuring everyone can be part of the winning team.

So, what are you waiting for? Practice today and lock in your family's success with our sporty, engaging plans. Let's play ball and secure those family foundations! 🏆⚾

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for our

What's become of unrecognizable adversity?


We provide childhood veterans of divorce/parental separation battles with adaptive recognition & recovery moves through unrepresented parents, free of charge.

Apply -

Grants For Our Brave.

VR Goggles


Back Family's now.




For more information about practicing or advocating for Trilateral Treaties or  Freedom Exam to use provisions.


Please visit:


Unveil Your Super Synergy: Breaking Boundaries Among Adversities, Scrimmages, and Beyond!

In the realm of synergy, breakthroughs ignite,

Ultra-safe strategies in adversities' sight.

360-degree psychology, a wrap-around game,

180-degree minds drop the ordinary, the same.

Amidst the storm of trials we face,

Super synergy therapy takes its place.

Breakthroughs bloom on center lines so strong,

Where hostile adversities never belonged.

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