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Turn your achievements into monumental plays that pay


Welcome to Free Open Tryouts!


With our plans and you authoring performance parenting creations, you'll soon be earning socioeconomic
"justice by dreams"

Young Family

Minor League Family

Love your family or relationship? Our free 1-Page Gifted Family Plan helps develop those meaningful relationships one exciting moment at a time. Each event equals extra innings for you and your loved ones.

Free for a limited time!

Plus, join now and spotlight your family as policy on this fun new game! 

Happy Family

Major League Family


Love your family but issues have called you up to the majors in court? Our free 1-Page Gifted Family Plan helps you too by co-copywriting those concrete circumstances one connection at a time. Plus, get paid to socially justify!

Join now and practice or earn money in the family as policy game

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Keep Your Family's Investments in Life On Track

What's become of divisable family America? Own your own solution or have a unique problem to solve? Let's chat about your IP (intellectual property).

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