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Welcome toMajor League Family


We believe that family is the most important team. Our mission is to help you and your family achieve success and happiness, both on and off the field of life. We offer three unique subscription plans to help protect, entertain, and empower your family.

Our Pro Home Business Plan is perfect for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs. With our startup publishing company and collaboration opportunities, you can bring your ideas to life and turn them into profitable businesses. We'll help you with every step of the process, from setting up a vendor account on Amazon to creating an AI-assisted book trailer video.

For families looking to stay safe and entertained, our Essential Dealproof and Ultimate Childproof plans offer a range of features to keep you protected and engaged. With viral safety books, personalized streaming, and gamified protection, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your family is always taken care of.

We also offer a blog called Quantum Layer Taylors, where we share tips and insights on how to strengthen your family and overcome challenges. And if you're interested in giving back, our Back Families Now page allows you to donate to families in need.

At Major League Family, we believe that every family deserves to be in the major leagues. That's why we offer free open tryouts to determine whether you qualify for our minor or major league family plans. So join us and let us help you do major league right.

Free Open Tryouts!

Young Family

Minor League Family

Cherish your family or relationship? Our complimentary 1-Page Gifted Family Plan aids in cultivating those special bonds one thrilling moment at a time. Each occasion brings extra innings for you and your loved ones.

Available for a limited time!

Plus, join now and feature your family as policy on this enjoyable new platform!

Or, on deck:

Happy Family

Major League Family


Do you love your family but facing legal issues that require major league representation you can't afford in court? Get help co-copywriting concrete family circumstances with our free 1-Page Gifted Family Plan, one connection at a time.

Join now and practice to earn money by promoting family as policy in your game!

Or, on deck:

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Keep Your Family's Investments in Life On Track

Want to find a solution for your family's issues? Let's talk about your unique situation and intellectual property (IP) you already own.

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