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Welcome toMajor League Family


We believe that family is the most important team. Our love, support and operation helps you and your family achieve success and happiness together, both on and off the field of life. Or, God forbid, divorce. We offer three unique subscription plans to help users adaptively protect, entertain, and empower themselves, their children and their family (even against all odds).

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Young Family

Minor League Family

Cherish your family or relationship? Our complimentary 1-Page Gifted Family Plan aids in cultivating those special bonds one thrilling moment at a time. Each occasion brings extra innings for you and your loved ones.

Available for a limited time!

Plus, join now and feature your family as policy on this enjoyable new platform!

Or, on deck:

Happy Family

Major League Family

Do you love your family but facing legal issues that require major league representation you can't afford in court? Get help co-copywriting concrete family circumstances with our free 1-Page Gifted Family Plan, one connection at a time.

Join now and practice to earn money by promoting family as policy in your game!

Or, on deck:


Keep Your Family's Investments in Life On Track

Want to find a solution for your family's issues? Let's talk about your unique situation and intellectual property (IP) you already own.

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