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Value and Rebranding

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Simple and easy tools to practice adding value, rebranding, not cancelling gifted kids, and facilitating family sustainability to earn more, boost performances, and grow your best family life ever.

Fam to freelance
"Fam to freelance"

Whenever a professional designs a new car, they work smartest and safety by using the appropriate tools. They use pre-manufacturing computer aided drafting systems. Planning the future product and workflow on the most up-to-date technology. They can't use a hammer and chisel to quickly and easily sample different fender molds for customer appeal. That would be throwing money, time, labor, and effort down the drain. But it’s amazing to witness the difference that good tools can make – the extra time it saves and more professional results that can manifest. Which can't be done without helpful tools.

Fast-forward to Life Winks®. How can you earn and add value with the right tool?

We've collected all the best proven bells and whistle for your best future design possible. Not only have they eliminated the need for hammers and chisels, but they quickly and easily integrate what's appealing to your and yours. With simple training support if needs be.

What will your family future look like? Fred Flintstone spinning his wheels in a cloud of dust or Elon Musk light years ahead?

In this post, you’ll learn almost everything you need to know about value and rebranding your plan to help you flourish:

  • What the value and rebranding exchanges entail - "New League rules"

  • Why even bother rebranding your family or life

  • How to value and benefits your people with a three-part framework (pricing and package operations are included)

Value & Rebranding: New League Rules

At a basic level, value and rebranding exchanges involve networking together, and coming to terms on one price. What's the value of hiring a production team to create a memorable YouTube video with just a few pictures? What should a producer charge for that design? Nuclear family optimization inherently benefits those children involved. They will sense, and later see the hard work that goes into designing and coming to terms on any video productions or published post. So the first new league rule in Family as Policy is that everyone flourishes with a plan that values and rebrands.

Just think about the creative businesses that offers a standard services and products to help children aspire to new heights. We have video gamers proving how digital activities help prevent isolation and those feelings. We also professional YouTubers making millions producing video content instead of hammering and chiseling.

Clients have the option of choosing between multiple service packages. These families will usually start off with the Gifted Kids Faculty to get up to speed on the exchange and niche freelance marketplace, and subsequent try the Minor League Family Plan offering executive services just to later subscribe to the Major League Plan to try and be a top producer. Added value and real life skills along the way reflecting all this newfound value brightly.

See how Life Winks® does it below with their Minor League, Gifted Kids Faculty, and Major League Family plans—and how they also provide comprehensive custom support for those clients who may have outgrown and pivot plans.

Choose your best reverse game!
Choose your best reverse game!

Of course, value and rebranding plans are more complex than merely creating a few videos, and putting a new hashtag on it. Deciding what to include in your production or publication takes time and requires an understanding of the inside workings of your family.

And even once you understand your benefactors, you need to decide how to best present your efforts to reflect the love and aspirations that are most important: What social media platforms do benefactors subscribe to? What about rebranding an existing fav instead of new content itself?

The good news is that value and rebranding aren't complex by themselves if you use the right thought process. There are, however, three phases you’ll learn about later in this article to help you create your content. But first, let’s explore the benefits of rebranding through family as policy.

Why Waste My Time Rebranding Content?

Beside the inherent reasons, there are at least seven compelling reasons to create value rebranding:

  1. Content creations make the intangible tangible.

  2. It gives freelancers clarity on perspective not seen otherwise.

  3. Digital rebranding is fit for uphill struggles like bullying or feelings of cancelation from important things.

  4. Exchanges build community but don’t inherently competitively challenge others.

  5. Your family and friends have more choices and many more chances to succeed.

  6. Freelancers appeal to family, friends, and communities with different values.

  7. Adding value and virtually rebranding as a trade easily assists performance and life flow. Inherently, paying this super constructive family as policy forward.

Each of these benefits ultimately helps you be more family.


Unlike products you can see, content creations are at first not visible. This intangible thing makes working with creators seem risky because members don’t always know what they’re getting until later. As a result, many prospect remain on the fence about adopting family as policy and reversing their game.

Designed to family with you

Luckily, content rebrands help solve this problem by giving the prospects something more tangible to justify their purchase decision. Partner platforms and previous deliverables show visible “products” and remove those psychological barriers that prevent prospects from joining.


Many executive and freelance producers mistakenly list all of their services on their order and profile page but expect each other to wade through them to determine the right fit.

All of this information only creates unnecessary obstacles to joining your future value. Rebranding, however, helps you present a number of options in a structured way, which improves your chances of succeeding more in life.


simple inclusion

Your early freelancers are far more likely to join in and add value to new members compared to old games. It makes sense when you think about it: Established freelancers already know and have a stable relationship with new members, but without the old hierarchies and exclusions in society that we're so used to.


An exchange value with tiered pricing prompts producers to compare these packages against each other instead of comparing you against the competition, which improves the odds of win-win creation.

In fact, according to Freshdesk, loyalty are trust are framed in with collaborative creation exchanges that offer tiered value options.


Offering a tiered value exchange for each plan allows members more choice, and a well-built framework that helps these same clients scale as their family, resume, or freelance business.

For example, think back to Freshdesk's trust and loyalty article: Each part of each their targets knowledge, skills and abilities based on the number of exchanges, and includes features that appeal to families members and corporations businesses at different stages.


Offering tiered value helps you appeal to a broader world with varying degrees of experiences. However, it should be noted that setting a community price for each package takes a larger business model into consideration for additional customer needs and competitive analysis. Which, of course, we're all part of in one way or many.


This is often an overlooked benefit of adding value. When you offer executive services and productions separately, you collaborate and change between different thoughts of each other and the entire work flow ahead. Though each phase of each trade requires different skills, they always uniquely accelerate abilities and knowledge. Alternating like this can overwhelm and impede workflows which aren't authentic like Life Winks®.

But, when you create tiered productions or other digital creations, you set clear structure in place for all benefactors to pay those accelerations forward themselves. In a really easily and natural way that's almost automatically replicated from one project to the next.

Value & Rebranding Exchange: Your three phases

Now that we understanding what adding value can do for family, inclusion, freelancers, and community, there are reasons why many people can't develop without it. The three phases and affiliated plans can be uses to help value and rebrand those previous without hope:

  • Phase 1 deals with gathering information from your peers to network

  • Phase 2 details the different ways a rebranding freelancers and executives create win-win content creation guidelines

  • Phase 3 covers price, value, and learning. A discussion on content social justice rebranding wouldn’t be complete without mentioning pricing. For example, how much would you pay to avoid conventional judicial branding? The benefits of your family, freelance business, and inherent Gifted Kids Faculty depends on how they’re each priced.

Phase 1: Collecting Information to Narrow Down Your Content

Start gathering as much information as you can from your subjects, producers, executive producers, and any competition. This process helps you determine what contents to bundle together and ensures you only offer relevant services to exchange.


Former Major League Baseball start Matt Holiday, a family man was recently featured on KSDK-5 News, shared how he started hitting home runs for kids at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. “I wish it was easy enough to say hey this is an important at bat I need to hit a home run for the kids and it would happen,” Holliday said.

The program is Homers for Health. It’s all about the kids being treated at Cardinal Glennon.

“Been almost two years since I had my kidney transplant,” Kennedy Burger told 5 On Your Side.

The 12-year-old is one of the kids who have benefited from the program and KSDK content.

So, when deciding how to build your service packages, listen to your market. Speak to your clients and prospects. Engage in conversations to learn about their core problems. Review what services they’re currently buying. Revisit what they purchased when you started working together and see if those needs may have changed.


Another way to determine what types of content to combine is to review your own family:

  • Reflect on past content you've seen shared. What was appealing and what needs work? You’ll likely discover certain content creation patterns and apps that become fluid and almost automatic to use.

  • Review your past creations to determine what content can keep the exchange productive and most effective. Chances are, you’ll probably find that some creations bring in more value and performance rebranding compared to others.


Finally, research your competition like what others are doing on Fiverr to see what contents and marketing they offer. Use this research to give you ideas and insights for creating your own content packages.

Phase 2: Gaming Your Win-Win Content Creations

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of contents to create, it’s time to play your game. The following section details three special operations and process to help you construct your best future ever.

Life Winks Process: Three Special Ops

1. Create Content Together

This design is suitable when your producer needs change or when it's time to compare your freelance opportunities against others.

With this operation, you bring together several productions to create a more robust and convenient offer or service for co-producers. Usually when you’re working together, there’s something we need to do before and after networking.

For example, you might run a content producer that focuses on writing posts. But maybe you realize you’re family needs a producer that provides video content and a design strategy. That opens up an opportunity for you to expand your creation.

2. Rebrand in different Plans

This design area caters to producers with different wants and needs. It also gives producers a choice and encourages staying relevant.

As you saw earlier, the idea is to become fluent with several plans alongside each other to allow producers the choice of different levels of creations. Each new content shared then includes different deliverables and provides incrementally more value.

3. Create Your Content Process

This is often an overlooked method of content creation services. With this design, you create how you know. Yours productions and publications service to demonstrate expertise and build trust.

For example, a free video editing app like FilmoraGo easily details a production title and music along with the steps involved to create stunning videos. A photo editor like PixilLab makes crating banner art and professional looking photo edits or logos a breeze. Production scheduling and creating are becoming more and more mainstream.

Phase 3: Price, Value, and Learning Experiences

Finally, after you’ve created your digital contents, it’s time to earn your rewards (for Minor League family plans) and your pay (for Major League Family plans). The value of each is important because if you get it wrong, your creations will become less profitable.

For example, if you earn in a way that leads people to cheap out, or not deliver all that they can, you’ll almost always feel your lowest, which won’t help you grow like you want to.

So, how exactly do you value your service packages?

try life winks. Grow out of someone elses weeds

Money! The critical thing to remember when creating your production is that you’re sharing bank, so to speak. This means you make the designated amount per production, publication, and creation, while benefactors earn either rewards or inherent value. Accounts are created and maintained between each Major League Family members and payed daily in most situations, but not later than thirty days. And third party resolution providers are available for free if needs be.

This pricing strategy for different plans allows you to experiment with the different options of your creations to encourage additional and unique value. In the future, corporations will even be able to donate and become family as policy affiliates.

Your First Few Content Creations and Beyond

Valuing and branding your creations can be tricky. There’s undoubtedly much more to the process and putting a price tag on it.

Designed to family with you

By following the above framework, it only the time that you put into matters before you start seeing the rewards or earning money. Plus, gifting kids along the way.

But remember: The first version of your creations won't be your last. The market expanding so if you're not quite sure about a Life Winks plan yet, then you'll hopefully stay in the forefront on creations elsewhere. The world is growing exponentially in that area.

We’re certainly hope that you and your family stays magnified. Not buying in to expensive chest beatings or third party policies, but saying up to date professional connection-keeping and family as policy. What we are saying is that you should remain true to you and, at the very least, digitally support your family and friends.

The only remaining question is: Are you excited to value and rebrand your new future?

o sing unto the Lord a new song:

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