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The HapiHeals App: A Suite of Hope for Kids in Conflict

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

100% of Your App or Book Purchase Goes Towards Empowering Actors, Writers, Families, and Children in Need.

In a world filled with tough challenges and difficulties, CLU and unite to embark on an amazing journey, offering families a ray of hope through our powerful app. Picture this: actors going on strike, parents getting divorced, people facing disabilities, and loved ones leaving for military service—these adversities can be tough on families. But fear not! Our mission is all about bringing therapeutic change to those who need it most. And guess what? You can be a part of this incredible transformation!


When you purchase our app (in beta) or book, you're not just getting something cool for yourself, but you're also making a big impact. That's right! A whopping 100% of the proceeds go directly towards helping actors, writers, families, and children in need and with full version of the HapiHeals Project. It's like becoming a superhero of change—supporting a network of healing and support that reaches out to those facing tough times. So, welcome to the majors, and the amazing HapiHeals app suite. Here, we blend empowerment with healing, and together, we shape lives for the better. We're right at the heart of the action, like being on the field during an intense scrimmage or right in the middle of the most extreme picket lines!

Engaging Users and Building a Community

Our HapiHeals community is thriving, all thanks to incredible supporters like you! Together, we've built a powerful network of compassion and resilience, where healing flows freely. And guess what? There's even more awesomeness to come! Brace yourselves for exclusive surprises and opportunities that will supercharge the impact of the co-HapiHeals Strike Law Spas app suite and reach even more people in need.

HapiHeals app mock-up

Development and Successful Testing

During the journey of development and successful testing, open AI2 - safer the ChatGPT - became our trusty ally, helping us create a rock-solid and safe platform. We added cool features like an innovative gift certificate system, a donor bank, and user verification—making HapiHeals smooth as butter to use. With the help of AI2 , we ran lots of tests to make sure everything worked like magic and that all our users were super happy with the app.

In our adventure of making HapiHeals Strike Law Spas, we uncovered something surprising: America is the most litigious nation in the world. Who would've thought? We saw how strikes and legal stuff involving judges and lawyers often led to strict agreements. But our app takes a different path! It's like a cozy comfort roadmap, guiding donors and users away from tough times and towards healing and empowerment. Together, we're building family conservation buddies who lend a helping hand to kids facing tough times in the United States of America.

We also found out that HapiHeals brings real-time therapy gift certificates from cool spas, offering a way to heal from trauma. Whether it's divorce, strikes, disabilities, loss, or other tough stuff, our app shows the way to solutions. For those who need a helping hand, HapiHeals lets them share their info and get access to amazing services.

One side of our app helps folks on the "custodial" or "in favor" side of strike law stuff, where agreements are set and enforced by the law. On the other side, it's for those on the "non_" side, where history shapes the path and law enforcement makes sure it's followed.

And hey, organizations can be super cool by donating gift certificates! They offer their awesome stuff to those in need. These certificates can be used for free or at a discount, and the organizations get their name out there through contact info exchange. HapiHeals has lots of different categories like comfort pet therapy, work therapy, friend therapy, and so much more. It's like getting a special gift from them with each certificate!

The HapiHeals suite is extra special because it has not just one, but two amazing roadmaps. The first one has concrete solutions for "custodial" and "non_" deals. The second roadmap, Strike Law Spas, is a game-changer, offering awesome benefits you won't find anywhere else. Our app is here to make a real difference in people's lives, and we're just getting started!

100% of Your App or Book Purchase Goes Towards Empowering Actors, Writers, Families, and Children in Need.
100% of Your App or Book Purchase Goes Towards Empowering Actors, Writers, Families, and Children in Need.

In conclusion, HapiHeals Strike Law and Family Law Spas are like a super cool community organizations that brings healing and empowerment, even when things get tough. It's a journey where we mix social justice with caring hearts, and together, we're making the world a better and happier place. Get ready to see our platform reach more people and change lives, bringing harmony to all!

HapiHeals has been an incredible adventure! With the help of united CLU parents and the Los Angeles agency, it's become a powerful tool for social justice and healing communities. And guess what? You can be a hero too! By joining us, you'll be part of the awesome team that's making the world a brighter place.

So, are you ready to make a difference and be part of history? Volunteer now and become an agent of change!

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the book, movie script, potential sale, and YouTube explainer video! Exciting content is on its way!

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