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Marvelous Underground Parents Acting as "Fast File" Secret Agents

"Inspired by you and yours"


By Lefty Lefty

I see they're inspired leaving me trails full of success;

Parenting that edifies me more and more I'm blessed;

I feel sorry for all the other kids;

Who don't have marvelous underground parents too;

Using their super resiliency powers to bless and be blessing too;

Once more, I'm so inspired by you.

Lefty Lefty - Shushy Shushy
Lefty Lefty - Shushy Shushy

And no one would've otherwise known;

That I was once double divorced and confused;

On divisional tracks so far from my own truth;

Now I know as I walk through my life;

I share the world with both my marvelous parents;

Their marvelous love no longer concrete erased.

Cool resilient kids!
Cool resilient kids!

Their record of me is so pure;

Their love for me divine;

They transformed my future, my fragile mind;

Their law has empowered;

Bringing new hope everywhere;

Marvelous love, marvelous love.

Marvelous Underground Parent
Marvelous Underground Parent

I'm in wonder;

At their amazing actions;

Like no other, I live to honor;

My dad and mom who behold;

I'll always rest assured;

The streets ahead are pure gold.



How underground is underground?

How are underground parents becoming so marvelous?

First, they assess their grave situations regarding parental separation, divorce (Through no fault of their own), or deployment issues involving children. Is it mild and amicable, moderate, or severe?

Next, they've been getting certified to categorize those dangers and counter the effects on kids through fitting child safety files.

CERTIFICATION for Marvelous Secret Agents and Angels.

And eventually marvelous people can be licensed to practice Clean Law and share mind care, and take note of clean, unadulterated data regarding those solutions that help family performances and keep families connected.

LICENSED (revitalizing and balanced) private practice.

In the meantime, if anyone is still worried about their case, losses, or the impacts (times 5) of overriding conviction labels like "custodian" paths and "non-custodian" journey's, then they are not alone. Team CLU is here for you. Join us for dinner sometime, or contact us today.

The results speak for themselves:



My New Record, Tis' of Me

By Ace

My family tis' of thee;

Sweet record of liberty;

Of thee I sing;

Land where my father filed;

Land of my mother's pride;

Under every table top;

Let freedom ring.

My organic file, thee,

Place of the children free,

My name in love:

I love the attempts and drills;

Thy confusions and foreign hills;

My heart with subject vice;

Like them below ground.

Our Jesus' God to Thee,

Author of liberty,

To Thee we sing.

Long may our script be bright,

With freedom's holy light,

Protect us by thine light,

Great God our King.


Vulnerable children in the middle of distanced parents feel out of sorts.

The more toxic the separations, the more out of sorts they can feel.

With underground secret agents and our new market -

Let's all win!

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