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Einstein's Amazing Guide to Sustaining Partners For Gifted Kids Faculty and Family as Policy

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

People always ask on social media how to be a sustaining partner. and it's not always easy to tell out in the wild how to be a partner in sustaining Life Winks.


There are three basic ways, and one futuristic way, to be a sustaining partner for Life winks, Gifted Kids Faculty, Family as Policy, and so much more.

  1. Be a sustaining partner by visiting, click on "Frame Your Game," and subscribe to the $2 a month SUSTAINING PARTNER membership plan.

  2. Be an influential content creator (that supports the same) or executively scout and recruit an influential content creator by visiting

  3. Be a certified practitioner with our personal or professional development certificate by visiting


Along with your partnership, sustainers will see in maximum clarity that everyone's equal. But many of us need more clarity and support that others.

If you're WORRIED sick, or at your wits end that your family member or any family member will be MISSING important things in their lives from a parental separation, deployment to war, or high conflict divorce, then let our community help you help them and prevent pain.

Albert Einstein once said that everybody is a genius. But if we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. In other words, if we judge a fish that naturally swims by its ability to climb, then we pre-program its future, and forever deconstruct its mind.

We know that Mr. Einstein was just using a metaphor, but there's some obvious truth to judging incompatible performances, or different action verbs with each other. We can do nothing but spoil the resulting data by judging tree climbing skills based on swimming. And we can do nothing with judging swimming skills with tree climbing. We call this falling down trying to function juxtaposed. Or, a death wish to the fish.

If the community takes the Albert Einstein analogy into the human realm, with perhaps people who have experienced being judged juxtaposed, then we could say, "If we judge a child or family by their ability to fill in the missing pieces during a parental separation, their missing pieces homes, schools, friends, safety, and security, then they live their whole lives believing that they are incapable. That they are inadequate in those areas of life.

If we judge a child by his or her ability to bridge those missing gaps between their moms and dads, then we forever sabotage their minds.


You see, "family" court, "family" law versus law, and the likes judge fish that swim by their ability to climb a tree. But being a sustaining partner is different.

When partners of this clarity and clean information gathering learn to network together, or even practice child safety files together, then what children and families achieve in life are documented. These "fish" then spend the rest of their lives properly swimming. KNOWING that they are capable, instead of juxtaposed and incapable of functioning. They themselves become enough. And adequate in those missing areas of life.

(As seen on TV)

Show the Life Winks community you're a sustaining partner without telling us you're a sustaining partner:

Show them you're a child safety filer without telling them you're a safety filer:

Show us you're family is policy without telling us you're family is policy:

Show the world you're a certified practitioner without telling them you're a certified practitioner:


In conclusion, I think Einstein would suggest that if and when you're worried about someone that you care about missing important parts of their lives, not like missing car keys or their wallet, but like missing parents or social media access, then get a Life Winks plan.

Or, even if you just want to have fun highlighting the important things in life to pay that forward, then please grab a plan.

Show off the "fish" whom you saw the genius in!


Warning: To survive more severe or Central Illinois Family Law vs. Law Cases, please join CLU at


Alternatively, if partnerships, licensing, and certification measures aren't right for you and yours, then please feel free to download Life Winks 1-Page Gifted Family Plan here.

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