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Minor League or Major League Plan?

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Get started with this free 30-Day Content Creations Plan

30-Day Content Creations Plan

Are you photogenic enough for a 30-day challenge? Join us on the START today Life Winks group for daily tips, tricks, and motivation, while connecting with others who love their plan. Plus, get real-time advice from professional influencers and creators!

As we use out time and attention to get back into the routine of things and into some resemblance of normal life, it has quickly become apparent to many of us how much our personal and relations health has suffered over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic.

START today creating with skill
START today creating with skill

After a tough time, it’s time to show ourselves some compassion and perhaps a little glamour. That's why Life Winks went back to the basics and focuses on small, actionable things we can all do to improve our own situations, and those of others.

We created a very simple content creations plan - nothing difficult! - to help you get moving again after being absent from society for so long. Plus, this can be a a fun way to begin each day, a mental break when needed, or that much-needed "me" time.

My 30-Day Content Creating Plan

The 30-Day Content Creation Plan is broken up into three 10-day creations. The first 10-days will first focus on sessions that make 30-minute daily creation routines on targeted projects. Most people probably already spend more time than that on their devices already. The daily challenges will help get your head in the game and help you release extra stress, worry, or anxiety that you've been coping with.

The second 10-days of the plan we will incorporate social media training to support your content creations plan.

And the third 10-days of the plan will focus on all of the socials and creations working together to maximum your content.


Although typically free and simple, digital content creating has tons of social benefits, both psychological and for the family. A daily routine is associated with stability and social good, and if done consistently, then creating can improve your social standing and feelings of acceptance.

30-Day Content Creations Plan

Creating is also an accessible mental-health tool that we can all employ to feel better about ourselves. Creating has been shown to relieve stress and increase mindfulness if done in an intentional way, and can even help with negative systems of social bullying, teasing, depression, and anxiety. Of course, creating can always be done at home or on the go, and if the weather permits, allow time outside for some fresh air. Giving yourself more inspiration by absorbing the surroundings. The three graduate 10-days of the 30-Day Content Creations Plan include:

  • 101 - Creating for 30-minutes a day. Use your favorite picture or video that's been shared with you on your device and favorite editing app like to get moving. Focus on one word like family, hope, or healing to clear your mind and create. Thinking through the process, and realizes when you might need to look on YouTube for help can increase knowledge, skills, and abilities. Aim for one meaning creation per day. If you’re feeling bored with this, then try multiple creations. But make sure to keep it simple and focus on you.

  • 201 - Creating at the next level for 30-minutes per day. We’ll grow slowly and mindfully during this next 10-days. First, look at other videos you like that have been created, and carefully edit, or YouTube how to download free software. Once you're up to speed, then edit one short video a day. Alternate adding, cutting, and editing multiple videos. Video creations are watched more than any other media online. If this starts to get easy, then there are various free video editing software to try. As well as different ways to share those videos. Or, if you don’t like keeping track of time, keep track by number of videos you create or the number of likes to your shares.

  • 301 - Creating at the next level for 30-minutes per day. We’ll work on sharing across multiple social media platforms. Take a break when you want through this 10-days, and realize that creating family as policy or gifted children is easier today than ever before. Work on those effortless share buttons on content creating tools until it becomes fluid. Enjoy the responses that you receive from your work, and maximize, or share those responses too. Let them build on top of one another each day until it's time to multi-share a new creation the following day.



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Contrary to popular belief, mental and social health are not completely separate entities. But minor league families and major league families creating together can help improve each others mood and decrease their risk of mental illnesses, according to Psychology Today. And creators can give this benefit an even bigger boost by purposefully engaging in other social exercises while creating their content.


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After two weeks of executively creating or creating content, we’re going to add in software training a few days a week. Focus on mastering one editing practice at a time, like adding animated titles or music.

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When you need a blog, or help writing articles, please check out the Sustainability Partners plan for just $2. Elevating your game a little at a time is the goal. Not only does this 30-Day challenge up our skills, but played right you could earn a very nice income and have family memories to share for a long time to come.

Cheers to your creations!

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