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Harmonizing Old Deals and #NewDeals: Insights from San Diego's "Coming Together" Sculpture

Table of Contents:

  • Brief overview of the "Coming Together" sculpture.

  • Connection to the concept of old deals and #NewDeals.

  • Description and context of the sculpture.

  • Explanation of Niki de Saint Phalle's artistic intention.

  • How plans mirror the duality in human beings.

  • Parallel between the sculpture's dual faces and old vs. #NewDeals.

  • Illustrative comparison of old child support systems to Child Support Two.

  • Poem titled "From Monochrome to Technicolor: A Journey of Transformation."

  • Use of creative writing to convey the transition from old to #NewDeals.

  • Explore the yin and yang symbolism in the sculpture.

  • How duality relates to the complexities of life, deals, and destinies.

  • Discuss the cultural significance of "Coming Together" in San Diego.

  • Its role is as a symbol of unity and diversity.

  • Recap of the sculpture's representation of old deals and #NewDeals.

  • Encouragement for embracing positive transformations in life.



Nestled in the heart of downtown San Diego, near the convention center and Petco Park, stands a striking piece of art known as the "Coming Together" sculpture. Crafted by the internationally acclaimed artist Niki de Saint Phalle, this colorful ceramic and mirror mosaic face captivates both locals and visitors alike. Created in 2001, this landmark represents more than just an artistic expression; it embodies the essential duality within human beings. Just as the sculpture presents two contrasting faces—one black and white, the other vibrant and colorful—so too does life present us with old deals and #NewDeals, and this blog explores how plans reflect this duality. Join us on a journey of art, symbolism, and transformation as we delve into the harmonizing forces of old and #NewDeals.

The "Coming Together" Sculpture:

The "Coming Together" sculpture, located at the southeast end of the convention center, stands as a testament to the power of art to convey profound concepts. Niki de Saint Phalle's creation is a composite face divided into two distinct halves. One side is a stark contrast of black and white, featuring jagged angles and a lack of hair. In stark opposition, the other half bursts forth with a kaleidoscope of bright colors, smooth curves, and long hair. This striking duality reflects the Western interpretation of yin and yang, embodying the coexistence of joy and darkness, the masculine and the feminine. Created in 2001, this sculpture has become a well-known landmark in downtown San Diego, drawing people from all walks of life to ponder its meaning.

Simulating Old and #NewDeals:

The "Coming Together" sculpture beautifully encapsulates the concept of duality, much like the old and #NewDeals presented by Just as the sculpture portrays the contrasting facets of human existence, these plans mirror the complexities of life's transactions. They offer a transformative journey from monochrome, rule-bound old deals to technicolor #NewDeals that embrace adaptability and synergy.

A Simple Example: Child Support vs. Child Support Two:

To better understand this transition, let's consider a simple example: child support. The conventional child support system represents the black-and-white side of deals—rigid, formulaic, and often lacking flexibility. In contrast, Child Support Two embodies the colorful, dynamic, and adaptable nature of #NewDeals, ensuring the well-being of children while considering the unique circumstances of each family.


A Poem: The Transition from Left to Right:

From Monochrome to Technicolor: A Journey of Transformation

In monochrome's embrace we stand,

With rigid rules, our lives are planned.

But as we journey to the right,

Our world transforms to vibrant light.

The old deals fade, their chains undone,

In #NewDeals' dance, we find our sun.

From black and white to hues so bold,

Our stories, too, in colors told.

The past dissolves, the future gleams,

In technicolor's endless streams.

With's guiding hand,

We traverse life's shifting sands.


Concept of duality
The concept and factors of duality

The Concept of Duality:

The duality represented by the "Coming Together" sculpture is a reflection of the complexities of human nature and, indeed, the intricacies of life itself. It reminds us that, like the sculpture's two faces, we all carry within us elements of contrast and contradiction. Life's journey involves navigating the dualities of old and #NewDeals, challenges and triumphs, and embracing the diversity of experiences.

Becoming a Downtown Landmark:

"Coming Together" has etched its place in San Diego's cultural landscape as a symbol of unity and diversity. Its prominent location near the convention center and Petco Park makes it a gathering point for locals and tourists alike. Just as this sculpture brings people together, aims to unite individuals in their quest for better deals and brighter futures.

Old Story | New Story
Same Old Story Stories | New Story


In a world where duality is ever-present, both in art and in life, the "Coming Together" sculpture near San Diego's convention center reminds us of the power of transformation and unity. Old deals and #NewDeals, like the black-and-white and colorful faces, coexist in our journey. plans serve as guides, leading us from the monochrome past to a technicolor future. As we navigate the complexities of existence, let us embrace the courage to transition from left to right, from old to #NewDeals, and illuminate our destinies with vibrant possibilities.

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