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  • Ultra Safety File

    Every month
    Fill missing grounds with trauma-absorbing child safety file
     30 day free trial
    • Major league's hard w/divided contracts, courts, mechanisms,
    • but life in new motion is easy with Performance Parenting.
    • Customized safety file folder to launch toxic-proof membrane
    • A safety file plan to victim- and child-proof those deals
    • Licensed agent assistance to develop your private practice
    • FREE united CLU parents union membership
    • Peer-to-peer recognition with CLU creators
    • Ability to cushion "access" across unlinkable SocioEcLines
    • Parental recognition app, kudos, and rewards for kudos
    • A free 30-Day content creating a plan and building memories
    • SocioEcTech prevents or fills sore and missing grounds
    • Your own dedicated online CleanLawUnion.com subdirectory
    • Annual awards network event for ultra-safety practices
    • PARENTING with Ultra-Safety as POLICY made EASY!
  • Special

    Pro Parent's Book

    Every month
    Author your family a book to optimize your child's smarts
     30 day free trial
    • ​Linkability is hard for families with separated parents,
    • kids & divisive overwhelming worlds, a Pro book plan ain't.
    • Ghostwritten Pro plan "connection-keeping" books include:
    • Title discovery & ideas (You choose and approve)
    • Survey and vote on your filler words from AI assistant
    • The basic front and back cover design
    • Table of contents
    • Parents author and AI writers write chapter options for you
    • Peer-to-peer recognition during the process
    • Plan holder retains all rights, titles and interests in work
    • A dedicated subdomain at MajorLeagueFamily.com
    • Advanced option to publish your final ebook for free
    • A Pro plan is a flowable, smart & contactless book/life deal
  • All-Star App & More

    Every month
    Alerts for when you and your child need a personal app
     30 day free trial
    • Linking your kids in corporately unlinkable times is hard
    • The ALL-STAR app plan isn't
    • Everything in Basic plan, plus a personal app
    • Personalize your own app with AppAngel
    • App for secure and unlimited linkable nuclear family socials
    • Show secure linkable nuclear family information
    • Share linkable nuclear family images
    • App for secure and linkable nuclear family calendars
    • App for upvoting parent-child-parent accomplishments
    • Peer-to-child-to-peer recognition
    • BONUS: "Earn problem away quickly" super arbitration access
  • Discount Memberships

    Every month
    Not sure how to play the digital divide?*
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    • Over 1,000 membership (beta) discounts to favorite brands*
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    • A custom NFT profile membership headshot*
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    • Robo-free customer service*

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