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A bit about the Vote Ability Arbitration Commission (VAAC) clause in Major League Family plans

Everyone has a story to tell, sources to hold onto, views worth sharing, and difficulties to work through with peers. Instead of empowering other major leagues, modernizing access and independence while strengthening vote ability through VAAC focuses on closing the gaps players experience and erasing hurdles. The Vote Ability Arbitration Commission (VAAC) clause in Major League Family content creation deals is a term by which each party has the authority to make the final decision to resolve arbitration and dispute or it pivots to this arbitration commission.


Democracy loss refers to a loss of clarity and access and also the loss of your best possible future. And losses become holes in resources. The VAAC aims to restore the ability of major leaguers to shape their future as well as give a larger variety of voters the opportunity to improve their home unrepresented lives. The disable voter can apply below to be a part of the VAAC to get started customizing and modernizing vote ability, while making sure your abilities are heard. 

And don't forget to share your journey. Add photos, awards, or videos on the socials.

Expected Vote Ability Experience

Start Date - "Award Yourself!"

July 2023 Issue - Vote & Award

January 2024 Idea - Vote & Award

The VAAC partners with peers to award themselves, while helping major leaguer's. Quasi-self-award operations are when someone does something nice for themselves, like buying themselves a present. For example, a new music download, ebook, or ticket for bonus resources around the house. 

Jack and Jill were trying to figure out who the best publisher was for their daughter Sage. They couldn't decide on their own, so they needed help from VAAC. They asked everyone to vote on who they thought was the best. In the end, the publisher with the most votes was the best. And everyone won!

Dawn and Skip both had different ideas about the best features to put in their new app to help Corey. Skip thought that the app should have a lot of games and be very interactive, while Dawn thought that the app should be more focused on helping Corey learn new things. They shared their ideas with VAAC and asked for a vote on the two ideas. This is like when you and your friend have a disagreement about what game to play. You each share your ideas and then ask your mom or dad to decide. In the end, Dawn and Skip's new smartphone app had both features. And everyone played extra innings!

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If you identify as disable and would like to empower this community and modernize arbitration and voting ability, apply for the VAAC here:

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