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Meet QuadCash AI

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Leaders of QuadCash AI, the first AI-Blockchain mech acting as your own private reverse cyberbullying prevention engineer. Learn more here. (Link to blog with video pitch, "Hi, I'm Aaron with Least Commanded AI,

We are an applied AI smart #NewDeal contract hub focused on reasoning/prevention, and code/"reverse cash resisters" are just the beginning.

To subscribe to foundationally planning QuadCash AI for prevention or resscue ops, please join the waitlist. (Links to Request Access to Devin form)

We're a small team based in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. Come work with us.  (

(links to:

Privacy policy


Project Name

Screen sharing-research. Measure: (to balance) deprivations (from open AI data pushes) and productions-add value to self-balance. Or, consumption and burn rate. Also think of C., Ratheon, it's a whoie vide and it has to be the right vibe coming together. How's Robokiller work? Bias killer/Reset AI bias? 


Partner Proposals

Those who want to make AI more hanicapped accessible: PTSD, Trauma, 


Project Name

Now, the UI side of opening AI is not the only data side that's disposable, the AI is counter updated too.

The Super Safety of Factor 12 and this teams #NewDeals partnerships factor

Introducing the Time Machine

Data the New

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