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Empower Your Story, Safeguard Your Future: Join the Revolution

  • FreedomeerXpress

    Every month
    Unlock Your Reporting Potential
    • Basic access to People News Plus platform
    • Introductory reporting tools
    • Basic AI safety features
    • Email support
  • Freedom Reporting

    Every month
    Empower Your Voice with AI Insights
    • Advanced reporting tools
    • AI-driven safety insights
    • Access to "Food, Files and More - Growing Through AI" worksh
    • Priority email and chat support
  • O-Billifi Community Membership

    Every month
    Be Part of a Safer, Supportive World
    • Access to the O-Billifi Community Platform
    • Exclusive insights and updates on digital safety & services
    • Invitations to community support initiatives
    • Monthly webinars on cybersecurity and AI safety
    • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals
    • Priority access to new O-Billifi features and tools
  • CellularShare Pro

    Every month
    Maximize Your Impact in the Cellularshare Economy
    • Full access to all reporting and AI tools
    • Priority support
    • Participate in the Cellularshare Economy
    • Dedicated Cellularshare coach
  • QuadCash Guardian

    Every month
    Ultimate Security and Financial Freedom
    • All CellularShare Pro features
    • Advanced cybersecurity tools
    • Cryptocurrency exchange options
    • Personalized safety consultation
  • Team Bigable Elite

    Every month
    Lead the Way in AI Innovation and Community Support
    • All QuadCash Guardian features
    • Exclusive "Freedom Team Bigable" events and resources
    • Priority in AI litigation gap-filling initiatives
    • Advanced international Cellularshare authorship training
    • Dedicated support for complex societal and legal challenges
    • "NASCAR" of Cellularshare economy opportunities

Why Choose O-Billifi's People News Plus?

People News Plus bridges societal gaps, supports vulnerable populations, and creates a new paradigm for information sharing and community support. Our subscription plans empower you to safeguard your future and actively contribute to our mission.

Transform Lives, Not Just News

Conventional news often reminds us of our limitations. People News Plus offers real, tangible solutions that transform lives. We provide team-bigger-able approaches that support you through unexpected challenges, whether they're injuries, wars, or societal shifts.

Addressing AI and Legal Gaps

Our "Freedom Team Bigable" tackles AI litigation issues head-on, bridging socioeconomic gaps and rescuing the vulnerable. We democratize court access and ensure that innocent individuals and families aren't left isolated by complex legal systems.

Preserving Critical Information

Without People News Plus, communities risk becoming news deserts. We safeguard vital information on marriage conservation, disability services, and family co-parenting. Team Bigable ensures inclusive socioeconomic incentives for all, protecting dreams and futures.

Lead the Charge in AI Innovation

By joining People News Plus, you're not just subscribing to a service – you're becoming part of a movement. Engage with our exclusive features and lead the charge in AI innovation and community support. Your involvement makes a real difference.

Join us today and be part of the revolution that's redefining community empowerment and digital safety.

The Why - Enabling Free Speech for CVF's

     In today's digital age, certain groups like children, victims, and families (CVFs) often struggle to exercise their right to free speech due to various barriers and predatory practices in the media and legal sectors. At Life Winks LLC, we understand the critical importance of addressing this issue and opening new avenues for representation, true prevention valuations, and providing an oasis for universally socialmedia representation deserts. Our mission is to bridge the often unaffordable litigation representation gap, or unrepresented versus stacked representations in divorce court gaps, empowering CVFs, including double unrepresented children who are often treated double-criminal-like, to freely express themselves and access vital resources. We are committed to upholding the fundamental principle of free speech and right to representation for all, regardless of their circumstances or financial capabilities.

Child Safety File Agency

     Ensuring the safety and well-being of children and families is paramount in today's society. With our verified Child Safety File (CSF) Agency, our professionals provide comprehensive solutions to safeguard vulnerable populations from various threats, including cyberbullying and legal complexities. Our agency is equipped to navigate the intricate landscape of legal and social challenges, offering support and resources to empower families and children facing adversity. We are dedicated to creating a secure environment where children and families can thrive and flourish.

The GPT Store - Interactive CLU GPT'S

     Empowerment through technology is at the core of our services at Life Winks LLC. We understand the importance of combating cyberbullying and supporting families facing challenging situations. Through The GPT Store, we offer interactive CLU GPTS that facilitate self-organization and provide tools to combat cyberbullying effectively. Our platform enables users to witness and document exchanges, create impactful content such as books and videos, and access resources for family support. We are committed to empowering our community with the necessary tools and support to navigate digital challenges and promote positive interactions.

Family Fusion Pro Services

At Family Fusion Pro, we understand the importance of strengthening family bonds and creating memorable experiences. Our services are designed to enhance wedding planning, marital bliss, and overall family well-being. From personalized relationship coaching to access to financial planning webinars, we offer a range of solutions to enrich the lives of families. Join us in igniting love, building resilience, and creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

To request services or see if you qualify for our free offerings while our apps are under development, please click the "Get Support" button and fill out the form.

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