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Freedom Exam (For EmpathsLawShare Founding Partners & Family Law 2.0 License Holders) Study Materials

What's become of inaccessible

Freedom Model

Let's talk about you (or your clients) and super treaties. Helping to secure nuclear family data against mistaken data loss/theft, and giving excluded or unrepresented family members a viable future.

Image by Austin Distel

Founding Partners

Let's talk about you (or your clients) and super treaties for ultra-safety.


Did you know that you and EmpathsLawShare Founding Partners project can child proof any high conflict divorce operation with upfiling trialteral treaties? Victimproof any unrepresented party from trial and those permanent results that endlessly downfile. 


Helping families be family. Our mission is to help support the natural family by providing a way for a self-reliant data recognition frame of reference by and for members of a nuclear family, in case it's ever needed. The Major League Family adaptive data recognition project and plans are also tools for helping to restore previous estrangements.

Cost Advantage

From constructing child safety file plans to family business plans, there's no thrid, fourth, or endless number of parties involed. Saving you time, money and wasting gas.


Since the day CLU & Co first launch conctructive CSF and invented a quasi-system/private network to accomidate, its evolved into #NewDeal book plans, family businesses created for you (or your clients) and many other innovations. I'ts safe to say that what God Opens, no man can close. and what God closes, no man can open. Yet, 100/100 children have the real, eternal advantage. They used to be deprived of and never allowed to abide by God to honor their mopthers and fathers. No they can, even if it means adaptively working around excluding systems.   

Values 1

Our detailed Least Commandment values from God included all recognizable forms of clarity that guides the health and well-being of practitioners and peers in the long run.

Values 2

America's Founding Fathers had plans for informational debate deals that could have kept data, specifically People, identifiable. We believe that the US Constitution Due Process by and for peers could pivot data banks. As a result, future families' lives will be set in motion.


To make it possible for family, data and litigation users to find recognizable solutions to their grief and often traumatic problems at a time when recognition software is not yet ubiquitous and organic data is not only exponentially outpaced, but endlessly barred.


We think of unrecognizable "data" as, psych!

All-natural data recognition as, trashy-to-clarity.

What's become of two childhood worlds bound apart in thoughts, actions, actors & estranging two-party deal-hood "People"

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