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Ace's Mission

The main goal is to prevent and rescue Market X in concrete contract/clerk/court/clerk cavity vortex eyes

Angel's Vision

Bias is a bully. Yet, in the book Blindspot by...,all good people are said to have hidden biases. Even eliminating programmed biases from artificial intelligence and those digital algorythms is a hot, heavily invested topic right now. 


Major League Family Performance Parenting Plans For Unlinkable Nuclear Family Gaps And Uncombinational Case/Clerk/Court/Contract Cavities already has the missing piece of clarity -organic data and unbiased data metrics. 

Sales & Engagement Specialist

Copy - Landing page Hero Text

SocioEcTech P2K2P - one unrepresented link at a time. Don't do social without a plan.


"Built-out" Built-in features helps you save times, lives, money and precious resources.

What's missing in "your" coliseum, painful, frustrating, can't even afford to be in the stadium where decisions about your life are permanent,

The answer's 'yes,' they want to be represented in both unlinkables

Building a predesigned stadium (recurring video) is hard, MLF plans, where everyone doesn't leave the most important part out nor facilitate the unlinkable falling through the cracks (recurring bad  video, ain't (recurring happy vid

NOT everyone leaves these kids out nor facilitates them falling through unlinkable nuclear family gaps and contract cavities. 

Average major leaguers plan to prevent or rescue Market X; unlinkable kids and uncombinational parents in NFGs, CCs and contract cavity cracks.

Flipping P2C2X into P2T2P (where T is for Talentism and C is for Cavityism).

From left out & falling to safe inside or out!

Copy - Reviews - Slogans?

58_Peers Choice Peace Treaty Winners on Autopilot

Reviews (show images with file, book, app, etc.

"You know how a div. Lawyer, disability judge... Get you to a... Leaving your kids without agency in the middle? Partnering/planning with us gets your heroes in the middle to celebrity status.

It's why heroes in the middle are more inspired to play ball than remain unsigned.

"My agent got me personally to a deal and signing bonus, but I felt ...


"This plan b family, I was more inspired to live life like the world was watching rather than remain unsigned." - ...


"It's been a life in new motion and counter motion 


Prayers answered

Builds celebrities.


MLF helps build celebrities.*




"Add value to your blessings"

Got trials? Divorce gone wild like war where winner takes all like plunder? Call yourselves up to the majors today. Being an all-star/celebrity in the middle of old deal agencies without agency's hard, but ultra-safe dual peace treaties with Major League Family agency ain't. And without agency, the socioeconomics in the middle are like a short circuit. 

Divorce gone wild, like war? Heroic kids in the middle plundered?

You want heroic/celebrities in the middle of old deal without agency's hard, but new deals linkabilities with MLF plans ain't.

Got family? Prove it. Do you want celbriyies (100/100) in the middle ....or sumps (80/20, 40/60, 50/50...)

For parents or grandparents who don't have access to their children or grandchildren, Major League Family plans keep those connections alive and thriving. 

Treaty Keepers are Their Own Heroes Keeping NFGs and CCs Filled

72_Because checking the score's hard, Peace Treaty Winner plans ain't.


79_We Are Your Major League Family Peace Treaty Plan Winners on Autopilot

81_7 Things About Peers Choice Peace Treaty Winners On Autopilot Your KidsDon't Want You to Know

76_To Save Family. And because Battles Don't Unbattle the Kids, Peace Treaty Winners do.


And Because Blocking Kids From Everything is Hard time, Our Plans Helping Little Leaguers Access Dreams is Easy

77_Because life's hard, but doing it with a peace treaty winner's plan ain't.

For the Peace Treaties of Estranged Nuclear Families & CCs

45_Because giving up on their game's what the stadium's about, but free resources for kids and parents/MLF plans to be peace treaty winners ain't.

Big league deals miss. Major League Family plans keep life.

When there's only conrete and no middle grounds in the silo, plans have you covered.

It's Time for your Family to Come Together With Golden Linkabilities

Nobel Prize-Level Peace Treaty Plans for

The nuclear family, political divorce takes and politics are split. The best way to heal the crack is

Peace Love and Happiness in Your Homes

Our behavior creates our life. And we are here to make the unlinkable behaviors relate


Because living up to the concrete score's impossible, it's never too late to step up.

We Are Your Major League Family Peace Treaty Plan Winners on Autopilot

MLF Peace Treaty Un-game Plans - 
Our Peace Treaty Plans Un-game the/"Your" Game

"Built-out" Built-in features helps you save times, lives, money and precious resources.
Describe Major League Family Peace Treaty Plans: Peace Treaty Plans are peer-to-peer organic and AI powered SocioEcTech for preventing and rescuing Market X; unlinkable kids and uncombinational parents in estranged nuclear family gap or concrete contract cavity cracks.

Enhanced Little League/Basic/Performance Parenting Plan

Life in new motion

Un-gameable Child Safety File Plan

-FREE united CLU parents membership

-FREE customized file folder

-peer-to-peer recignition

-Representative-to-peer support

-Birthdays & Teen recognition

-Ability to share joys across unlinkable lines

-FREE Licensed agent assistance

-Prevent or fill missing child safety file stack


Root for your roots too!


Linkability's new - Optimize and build your P2K2P linkabilities like a Pro

Un-gamed Ultra-Safety Book

-FREE AI writing services

-FREE title ideas and design

-White Label books AI written for you

-We'll survey your joys

-Our AI bot writes

-You approve

-1 to 4 books per nuclear family

-Basic cover design(s) included

-File is yours

-FREE basic ebook publishing to share

-You keep or share rights

-Other publishing options available

-Empowers vulnerable population

-Retains or gains linkability, know-ability, love-ability and rock star access.

-No more unhappy books!

-White Label Books are not just books - they are a social justice tool designed to boost your unlinkabilities and build interest for your family bonds.


Ungame the membrane

Un-gamed Ultra-Safety App

-Prevent or fill missing case access



instaclerkbridge (court & plans)

MEMBERSHIP/Dashboard (data) = Access to UDER 

Votepreneurs - make your answers personal

Child, end-to-end O.AI, the missing piece others don't have!

(Simplified or event promotion poster/VP

How sad is it for a child to not have both parents or a parent, or for parents going through an acrimonious divorce and/or split to lose the precious time they can have together with their children because of their selfishness, emotional

Peace Treaty Plans and (Gabriellou - driver business) instacourtbridge rides (-vehicle business division) to court are effective in preventing and rescuing Market X; unlinkable children and uncombinational parents with estranged nuclear family gap or concrete contract cavity cracks.

Join in the majors; Make a difference; Be the Peace. Start with just one family member. The unlinkable games and concrete cavities against them are there. Help them. Be helped by them. And you will help them; until nobody is left out and no Peace is left unattained

To prevent and rescue alienated kids from their alienated family, Peace Treaty Plans are peer-to-peer organic and AI powered SocioEcTech for making peace in the nuclear family

Our Peace Plan- Plans provide daily and monthly mutual optional action steps with instantaneous upgradeable on-going real time rapid response Conflict Resolution Coaching to virtually prevent, not punish dysfunctional egocentric entrenched family violence.

Grants for membership fee waived are available. Apply here.

Products & Services

Complete Peace Treaty plans to engage in civil transitional discords post-separation parent child relationship


Peace Treaty Plans for Peace of Mind: Alternative jobs for solo parents.

Peace Treaty Plans for teens

Complete Peace Treaty plans to engage in a civil post-separation parent child relationship

Peace Treaty Dashboards

Financial Peace Treaty plans





Gift Exchanges.

Phone Call

Mail Exchange...

Medical, Dental, Teacher, Preacher, Principle, 

Peace Treaty Plans' "Bring Them Home" uses AI and O data exchanges to match disconnected

families through private Facebook groups, thereby launching them into the cash flow dimension.

Don't Build Something Aron & Alayna Don't Want!

After pouring so much time and energy into your kids, figuring out how to boost its SEO ranking can be an uphill battle. (“This is my Everest—or it will be if I ever get to the top.”)

Because you don’t have the time to research and optimize relevant content yourself, striking while the iron is hot is easier said than done.

If only there was an AI-powered tool that could analyze the competition and help you write content that both readers and search engines will love.

Make way for ButtramWriter

ButtramWriter helps you gather information, research achievements for chapters in your current relations quickly, so you can jump on fresh ideas for content and get an edge over your competition.

For each keyword and query, you can analyze SERPs and extract content from the highest-ranking pages.

That way, you’ll be able to understand user intent and what works on Google, whether you’re analyzing your own content or your competitors’.

Product Name: Major League Family Performance Parenting - Ungame the Membrane - Plans (Linkability Plans For Unlinkable Nuclear Family Gap & Contract Cavity Deals) in The Major's: The Ultimate in Raising High-Achieving Children Against All Odds / Performance Parenting: Linkability Plans For Unlinkable Nuclear Families

Description: (Mine) Performance Parenting Plans are peer-to-peer organic and AI powered White Label child safety files, White Label kid-parent linkability book generation, and White Label combinational smartphone apps. Together preventing and rescuing Market X; unlinkable kids and uncombinational parents in estranged nuclear family gap or concrete contract cavity cracks.

(think custom appsumo pitch)

The main goal is to prevent and rescue Market X - valuable resources like time, money and attention (trauma for all), in concrete contract cavities, original filing games, original deal-makings, post-deal modification makings, and nuclear family gaps. Because those can traumatize everyone differently.  

Several Ways to continue this (think

1. Sign up

0-1. Title Discovery with ProWroter / Pro Plan

(Communication preferences (and togetherness?) - Sales & Engagement Specialist (Later-Alayna)?

( Want a free journal / Notes Page for the transition from CSF experience to Pro Book (s) plan experience? App ?

1-2. Survey [GoZen] ...??? Title Discovery

2. ProWriter gathers title to vote on and return emails

2-3. Co-AI Written Titles Vote / Pro Plan Book Processing Agreement Signed / CLU victim- and child-proof designer deal



Now we'll move to your free subdirectory or workspace: CLU/

Interview Questions:!/add#%2Fadd%2Ftrue

3. O,AI Proof, then survey O.AI drawing-O.AI fixing, teaching - listening, - school work - $ work, ???

3-4. Pay wall

Market X; Unlinkable Nuclear Family Gap and Concrete Contract Cavity Void Monsters Love

Unwhite Label child safety files, Unwhite Label parent-kid-parent linkability book, Unwhite Label Connection-keeping app and more!

Author your own with text-book, speech-to file or sign-to-app!


2-3. Intelligent Performance Parenting License Agreement And Linkability Plans Provider For Unlinkable Nuclear Family Gaps, Clerk/Court/Clerk Case Cavities and Uncombinational Contract Barriers

ALL-STAR - ConnectionDripDrive (reference Publishdrive for apps)


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